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Back up Friends

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TitleBack up Friends
AuthorArijit Sen
Games SA  VC  III
Rating0 (0 votes)
Submitted2 Oct 2012

Back up freinds
Press 9 to Get help from woozie, cesar, truth, sweet, mad dog.
You can reqruit them to your gang.
They are immortal & they will help you a lot.

Version v2.00
To be released soon...

What is special in v2.00?
You will call instead of spawning them.Cesar, Sweet, Mad dog, Truth, woozie, Big Bear, Ryder, Big Smoke, OG loc, Jethro, Twaine, Toreno will come.
Cesar will come with his Savannah, Toreno with his Washington, Sweet with his Greenwood
& ryder with his Picador.They will be very strong and hard to defeat.

DOWNLOAD From here: