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Firehawk Weapons

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TitleFirehawk Weapons
Games SA
SummaryViper Mods Pack
Rating0 (0 votes)
Submitted19 May 2012
Updated1 Jun 2012

:: Installations ::

1- Put All The Cleo Files in Your GTA san andreas Cleo Folder
2- Put All The MP3 Files in your GTA San Andreas Cleo Audio Folder
3- Play Have Fan

:: Controls ::

Press "J" To Fire Minigun Weapons From the Firehawk Truck
Press "5" in Your Keyboard To Launcher The Statik Pulse , Just on The Morph Mode only
Press "I" And Accelerate To Active The Whell Control Mod
Press "B" To Launcher The Torpedo , Just on Hovercraft Mode only

:: Permission ::

Well you might say that I am not difficult and I have no problem For A Permission .Referring to my stuff on without permission, then yes,you better be sorry, I've told you many times to ask people before you take the mere existence of things, that my anger is really a man,you need to get more respect for the man of the people, seriously. ceases to be such as you have about this issue and deal with it, and learn to accept the word no, because he is tired of chat ask you to please do not use my stuff, and I do not mind using my stuff OK,and just ask me OK first, that be all I ask is you credit us, so please view more of the respect for human rights, and perhaps people might not be such assholes about it, we do not always want get in life, and you need to accept this, when someone says does not mean do not, try not and they say ok, its just a video game, theres no reason for the go all the Hunter and ignorant about it, and I'm sure ass about it too, but only because they are assholes annoying those who wont listen like you, so please try to be more respectful, and perhaps I may not have to be ignorant about everything, anyway im done talking about it, I do not love you still, and it will not change the ever, very mad and then it will be're Not Allowed To Modify then Host This Mod Without My Permission , do not use in your viper mod , etc ... , or you will report and banned from the website .

:: Credits / Contact ::

© 2012 Michael.Knight1 & Knight's Industruies Modding Team