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016Bis_screen_fadingsa vc iii
03E7flash_hud_object 10sa vc iii
057Eset_radar_as_interior 1sa vc
0581display_radar 0sa vc
0826display_hud 1sa
08ACset_gang_wars_training_mission 1sa
08B1set_night_vision 0sa
08B2set_infrared_vision 0sa
08D7get_menu_item_selected $1153 store_to $1148sa
08D8get_menu_item_accepted $2419 store_to $9637sa
08DAdelete_menu $1153sa
08EEset_menu_item_with_number $IMPORT_CAR_PANEL col 1 row 4@ gxt 'DOLLAR' number $IMPORT_CAR_PRICEsa
0924set_darkness_effect 1 to -1sa
0964create_menu_grid 'CARM1' at 29.0 145.0 width 25.7 cols 8 interactive 1 background 1 align 1 store_to $CARMOD_MENU_COLORSsa
0989set_help_message_box_size 200sa
09A6show_blips_on_all_levels 1sa
09B9display_car_names 0sa
09BAdisplay_zone_names 0sa
0A23highlight_menu_item $2423 item $2515 to 0sa
0A2Cdraw_subtitles_before_fade 0sa
0A2Ddraw_oddjob_title_before_fade 0sa
0A44display_non_minigame_help_messages 1sa
0A48allow_pause_in_widescreen 1sa