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021Bset_target_car_for_mission_garage 'BODLAWN' to $PLAYER_CARsa vc iii
0299activate_garage 'VECMOD'sa vc iii
02B9deactivate_garage 'BEACSV'sa vc iii
02FAchange_garage_type 'MICHDR' to 5sa vc iii
0360open_garage 'BURG_LK'sa vc iii
0361close_garage 'MICHDR'sa vc iii
03B0is_garage_open 'BODLAWN'sa vc iii
03B1is_garage_closed 'HBGDSFS'sa vc iii
09ECallow_fixed_camera_collision 0sa
0A14set_no_resprays 1sa