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0AF0read_int_from_ini_file "cleo\config.ini" section "SectionName" key "intKey" store_to 0@sa
0AF1write_int_to_ini_file 16 path "cleo\config.ini" section "SectionName" key "intKey"sa
0AF2read_float_from_ini_file "cleo\config.ini" section "SectionName" key "floatKey" store_to 0@sa
0AF3write_float_to_ini_file 0.0 path "cleo\config.ini" section "SectionName" key "floatKey"sa
0AF4read_string_from_ini_file "cleo\config.ini" section "SectionName" key "string" store_to 0@vsa
0AF5write_string_to_ini_file "new string value" path "cleo\config.ini" section "SectionName" key "stringKey"sa