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0161add_blip_for_car_old 340@ unused 0 visibility 1 store_to 341@sa vc iii
0164remove_blip $MARKER_CATALINAsa vc iii
0165change_blip_colour 42@ to 1sa vc iii
0167add_blip_for_coord_old 50@(256@,33f) 50@(256@,33f) 50@(256@,33f) colour 0 display 2 store_to 149@(256@,33i)sa vc iii
0186add_blip_for_car $60 store_to $61sa vc iii
0187add_blip_for_char 67@ store_to 39@sa vc iii
0188add_blip_for_object 109@(214@,5i) store_to 123@(214@,5i)sa vc iii
018Aadd_blip_for_coord 14@ 15@ 16@ store_to 1@sa vc iii
018Bchange_blip_display $1629 to 2sa vc iii
02A7add_sprite_blip_for_contact_point $X_JOHNSON_HOUSE $Y_JOHNSON_HOUSE $Z_JOHNSON_HOUSE sprite $ICON_CJ store_to $439sa vc iii
02A8add_sprite_blip_for_coord $X_JOHNSON_HOUSE $Y_JOHNSON_HOUSE $Z_JOHNSON_HOUSE sprite $ICON_CJ store_to $439sa vc iii
03DCadd_blip_for_pickup 50@ store_to 167@sa vc iii
04CEadd_short_range_sprite_blip_for_coord 2447.364 -1974.496 12.5469 sprite 18 store_to $MARKER_EMMETS_GUNsa vc
07BFset_blip_always_display_on_zoomed_radar 443@($7257,8i) to 1sa
07E0set_blip_as_friendly $61 to 1sa
08A8set_always_draw_3d_markers 1sa
09A6show_blips_on_all_levels 1sa
0A40create_user_3d_marker 1685.7 -2238.9 14.0 colour 14 store_to $795sa
0A41remove_user_3d_marker $795sa