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Opcodes in category: Mission
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00D8mission_has_finishedsa vc iii
00D9store_car_char_is_in $PLAYER_ACTOR store_to 68@sa vc iii
0112has_deatharrest_been_executedsa vc iii
0180declare_mission_flag $ONMISSIONsa vc iii
01C5dont_remove_char 1@sa vc iii
01C7dont_remove_object 27@sa vc iii
0317register_mission_givensa vc iii
0318register_mission_passed 'INTRO_1'sa vc iii
0417load_and_launch_mission 0sa vc iii
042Cset_total_number_of_missions 147sa vc iii
0595playstats_mission_passedsa vc
0763set_car_as_mission_car 34@sa
08A3can_trigger_gang_war_when_on_a_mission 1sa