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PC Cheats

San Andreas stores the last 29 characters typed on the keyboard, hashes the resulting string and compares it with the hashes of the cheats. Because the cheats are stored in hash form, it is much harder to figure out what they are. Most cheats have more than one code due to hash collisions and the intended cheat phrases for many took a long time to find. However the release of GTA: SA on Android provided the missing ones and now all intended codes are found, with the only exceptions being intentionally NULLed hashes.

Both toggleable and non-toggleable cheats exist. Non-toggleable cheats call a function which does something once. Toggleable cheats change the gameplay and set a byte in the memory to tell whether the cheat is active or not. Cheats have a minimum length of 6 characters and are stored all in upper-case.

The following text cheat codes are written in CamelCase for readability.

IDDescCheat CodeHashFunction AddressMemory Address
0Weapon Set 1ThugsArmoury0xDE4B237D0x4385B0
1Weapon Set 2ProfessionalsKit0xB22A28D10x438890
2Weapon Set 3NuttersToys0x5A783FAE0x438B30
3Health, Armor, $250kINeedSomeHelp0xEECCEA2B0x438E40
4Wanted level 2 starsTurnUpTheHeat0x42AF1E280x438E90
5Clear wanted levelTurnDownTheHeat0x555FC2010x438F20
6Sunny weatherPleasantlyWarm0x2A8453450x438F40
7Very sunny weatherTooDamnHot0xE1EF01EA0x438F50
8Overcast weatherDullDullDay0x771B83FC0x438F60
9Rainy weatherStayInAndWatchTV0x5BF128480x438F70
10Foggy weatherCantSeeWhereImGoing0x44453A170x438F80
11Faster clockTimeJustFliesBy0xFCFF1D080x96913B
12Faster gameplaySpeedItUp0xB69E85320x438F90
13Slower gameplaySlowItDown0x8B8280760x438FC0
14Peds attack other (+ get golf club)RoughNeighbourhood0xDD6ED9E90x439B20
15Have a bounty on your headStopPickingOnMe0xA290FD8C0x439C70
16Everyone armedSurroundedByNutters0x3484B5A70x969140
17Spawn RhinoTimeToKickAss0x43DB914E0x43A4A0
18Spawn Bloodring BangerOldSpeedDemon0xDBC0DD650x43A4B0
19Spawn RancherDoughnutHandicap **0x00x43A4C0
20Spawn Hotring ANotForPublicRoads0xD08A30FE0x43A4D0
21Spawn Hotring BJustTryAndStopMe0x37BF1B4E0x43A4E0
22Spawn RomeroWheresTheFuneral0xB5D408660x43A4F0
23Spawn StretchCelebrityStatus0xE63B0D990x43A500
24Spawn TrashmasterTrueGrime0x675B89450x43A510
25Spawn Caddy18Holes0x4987D5EE0x43A520
26Blow up all carsAllCarsGoBoom0x2E8F84E80x439D80
27Invisible carsWheelsOnlyPlease0x1A9AA3D60x96914B
28Insane handlingStickLikeGlue0xE842F3BC0x96914C
30All green lightsDontTryAndStopMe0x74D4FCB10x96914E
31Aggressive driversAllDriversAreCriminals0xB01D13B80x96914F
32Pink trafficPinkIsTheNewCool0x66516EBC0x4390D0
33Black trafficSoLongAsItsBlack0x4B137E450x4390F0
34Cars on waterJQNTDMH*0x00x969152
35Boats flyFlyingFish0x78520E330x969153
36Fat playerWhoAteAllThePies0x3A5773250x439110
37Max muscleBuffMeUp0xD4966D590x439150
38Skinny playerLeanAndMean0x5FD1B49D0x439190
39Elvis is everywhereBlueSuedeShoes0xA7613F990x4391D0
40Peds attack you with rocketsAttackOfTheVillagePeople0x1792D8710x439DD0
41Beach partyLifesABeach0xCBC579DF0x439230
42Gang members everywhereOnlyHomiesAllowed0x4FEDCCFF0x439360
43Gangs controls the streetsBetterStayIndoors0x44B348660x4393D0
44Ninja themeNinjaTown0x2EF877DB0x439E50
45Slut magnetLoveConquersAll0x2781E7970x4393F0
46Cheap carsEveryoneIsPoor0x2BC1A0450x4394B0
47Expensive carsEveryoneIsRich0xB2AFE3680x4394E0
48Cars flyChittyChittyBangBang0xFA8DD45B0x969160
49Huge bunny hopCJPhoneHome0x8DED75BD0x969161
50Spawn HydraJumpJet0x1A5526BC0x43A530
51Spawn VortexIWantToHover0xA48A770B0x43A540
52Smash n' boomTouchMyCarYouDie0xB07D3B320x969164
53All cars have nitroSpeedFreak0x80C1E54B0x969165
54Cars float away when hitBubbleCars0x5DAD00870x969166
55Always midnightNightProwler0x7F80B9500x439510
56Stop game clock orange skyDontBringOnTheNight0x6C0FA6500x439540
57Thunder stormScottishSummer0xF46F2FA40x439570
58Sand stormSandInMyEars0x701643850x439590
60Mega jumpKangaroo0x885D0B500x96916C
61Infinite healthNoOneCanHurtMe0x151BDCB30x96916D
62Infinite oxygenManFromAtlantis0xADFA640A0x96916E
63Get parachuteLetsGoBaseJumping0xE57F96CE0x4395B0
64Get jetpackRocketman0x040CF7610x439600
65Never wantedIDoAsIPlease0xE1B33EB90x4396C0
66Six wanted starsBringItOn0xFEDA77F70x4396F0
67Mega punchStingLikeABee0x8CA870DD0x969173
68Never get hungryIAmNeverHungry0x9A6294010x969174
69Riot modeStateOfEmergency0xF53EF5A50x439710
70Funhouse themeCrazyTown0xF2AA0C1D0x439720
71Adrenaline modeTakeAChillPill0xF36345A80x439880
72Infinite ammoFullClip0x8990D5E10x969178
73Weapon aiming while drivingIWannaDriveBy0xB7013B1B0x4398D0
74Reduced trafficGhostTown0xCAEC94EE0x96917A
75Country trafficHicksVille0x31F0C3CC0x439F60
76Recruit anyone (9mm)WannaBeInMyGang0xB3B3E72A0x96917C
77Recruit anyone (AK-47)NoOneCanStopUs0xC25CDBFF0x96917D
78Recruit anyone (rockets)RocketMayhem0xD5CF4EFF0x96917E
79Lock respect at maxWorshipMe0x680416B10x96917F
80Lock sex appeal at maxHelloLadies0xCF5FDA180x969180
81Max staminaICanGoAllNight0xF01286E90x439930
82Hitman level for all weaponsProfessionalKiller0xA841CC0A0x4399D0
83Max driving skillsNaturalTalent0x31EA09CF0x439A10
84Spawn HunterOhDude0xE958788A0x43A550
85Spawn QuadFourWheelFun0x02C83A7C0x43A560
86Spawn Tanker TruckHitTheRoadJack0xE49C3ED40x43A570
87Spawn DozerItsAllBull0x171BA8CC0x43A660
88Spawn Stunt PlaneFlyingToStunt0x86988DAE0x43A670
89Spawn MonsterMonsterMash0x2BDD2FA10x43A680
90Prostitutes pay youJQNTDMH*0x00x96918A
91All taxis have nitrousJQNTDMH*0x00x96918B

* cannot be activated due to the existence of a previous cheat using the same NULL hash.
** does not have an intended cheat string, the hash is intentionally NULLed

Console (PS2/Xbox) Cheats

Much like the method of encrypting cheats for the PC platform in order to obscure the actual cheat code, Rockstar Games also used hashing for cheat codes activated via button presses by converting each button to a text character and hashing the result in reverse.

This table displays the information extracted from the PS2 binary of the game, which is unlikely to differ in the Xbox version as they use the exact same code mappings.

0Weapon Set 13 4 1 4 L D R U L D R U0x518BAD1E
1Weapon Set 23 4 1 4 L D R U L D D L0x867974FB
2Weapon Set 33 4 1 4 L D R U L D D D0x80750205
3Health, Armor, $250k3 4 1 X L D R U L D R U0xA5207BE5
4Wanted level 2 stars3 3 C 4 L R L R L R0x97F19EA4
5Clear wanted level3 3 C 4 U D U D U D0x4DCF6EE5
6Sunny weather4 X 1 1 2 2 2 T0xD8F6171B
7Very sunny weather4 X 1 1 2 2 2 D0xA44D2630
8Overcast weather4 X 1 1 2 2 2 S0x02D2331E
9Rainy weather4 X 1 1 2 2 2 C0xAE882F29
10Foggy weather4 X 1 1 2 2 2 X0x8F590254
11Faster clockC C 1 S 1 S S S 1 T C T0x6A171AC9
12Faster gameplayT U R D 2 1 S0xB4EDE50D
13Slower gameplayT U R D S 4 30xA6CBC466
14Peds attack other (+ get golf club)D L U L X 4 3 2 10x7F9F9BE0
15Have a bounty on your headD U U U X 4 3 2 20xF0031628
16Everyone armed4 3 X T X T U D0x2A849202
17Spawn RhinoC C 1 C C C 1 2 3 T C T0x9454290D
18Spawn Bloodring BangerD 3 C 2 2 X 3 1 L L0xEEE6A1EE
19Spawn RancherU R R 1 R U S 20xE5BB7DE4
20Spawn Hotring A3 C 4 R 1 2 X X S 30xB1865C87
21Spawn Hotring B4 1 C R 1 3 R U C 40xD9606CB7
22Spawn RomeroD 4 D 3 2 L 3 1 L R0xB533F81F
23Spawn Stretch4 U 2 L L 3 1 C R0xDDE3ECA2
24Spawn TrashmasterC 3 C 3 L L 3 1 C R0xF8027C81
25Spawn CaddyC 1 U 3 2 X 3 1 C X0x1B184F2B
26Blow up all cars4 2 3 1 2 4 S T C T 2 10x09656C54
27Invisible carsT 1 T 4 S 1 10x62B594B1
28Insane handlingT 3 3 L 3 1 4 10xFBC9B3A8
29SuicideR 2 D 3 L L 3 1 2 10x53EE1352
30All green lightsR 3 U 2 2 L 3 1 3 30xBAC116E1
31Aggressive drivers4 C 3 2 L 3 1 4 20x8FA0B3BF
32Pink trafficC 1 D 2 L X 3 1 R C0x9C57938A
33Black trafficC 2 U 3 L X 3 1 L C0x887620F7
34Cars on waterR 4 C 3 2 S 3 40xFD27F498
35Boats fly4 C U 1 R 3 R U S T0x56E4BB70
36Fat playerT U U L R S C D0x9A5F52B5
37Max muscleT U U L R S C L0x49BA4900
38Skinny playerT U U L R S C R0x19208B6A
39Elvis is everywhere1 C T 1 1 S 2 U D L0x8644854E
40Peds attack you with rocketsX 1 U S D X 2 T D 3 1 10x51E41320
41Beach partyU U D D S C 1 3 D T0xE89BF194
42Gang members everywhereL R R R L X D U S R0xC3CC20CF
43Gangs controls the streets2 U 3 3 L 3 3 4 R D0xB79BC98F
44Ninja themeX X D 4 2 C 3 C S0x21953B77
45Slut magnetS R S S 2 X T X T0x9180B0BD
46Cheap cars2 R 1 U X 1 2 4 3 1 1 10x12D165A9
47Expensive carsU 1 3 U R U X 2 X 10x9C2E6D4E
48Cars flyS D 2 U 1 C U X L0xF47EB898
49Huge bunny hopT S C C S C C 1 2 2 3 40x825A0D49
50Spawn HydraT T S C X 1 1 D U0x103FB71C
51Spawn VortexT T S C X 1 2 D D0x9A6CFBB3
52Smash n' boom1 2 2 U D D U 3 4 40x2A379A4D
53All cars have nitroL T 3 1 U S T D C 2 1 10x57A6F8D0
54Cars float away when hitS 4 D D L D L L 2 X0x688F9533
55Always midnightS 1 3 R X U 1 L L0x7640E454
56Stop game clock orange skyL L 2 3 R S S 1 2 X0xC3359459
57Thunder stormUnknown0xE1D4D60D
58Sand stormU D 1 1 2 2 1 2 3 40x63D354C1
60Mega jumpU U T T U U L R S 4 40xED0309C6
61Infinite healthD X R L R 3 R D U T0xF0C6272D
62Infinite oxygenD L 1 D D 4 D 2 D0xC31EC24F
63Get parachuteL R 1 2 3 4 4 U D R 10x5FF3EFA8
64Get jetpackL R 1 2 3 4 U D L R0xB40E31E5
65Never wantedC R C R L S T U0x331804CD
66Six wanted starsC R C R L S X D0x44A95F0C
67Mega punchU L X T 3 C C C 20xC58051F4
68Never get hungryS 2 3 T U S 2 U X0x07F5FFEC
69Riot mode2 R 1 T R R 3 1 R 1 1 10xCB32F7AE
70Funhouse themeT T 1 S S C S D C0xF9BC0421
71Adrenaline modeX X S 3 1 X D L X0xF9205C67
72Infinite ammo1 3 S 3 L 4 3 L S D 1 10xF24C377C
73Weapon aiming while drivingU U S 2 R X 3 D 4 C0xB4646273
74Reduced trafficX D U 4 D T 1 T L0x20DF2C9A
75Country traffic1 1 3 3 2 1 4 D L U0xCDE25320
76Recruit anyone (9mm)D S U 4 4 U R R U0x7F816CFC
77Recruit anyone (AK-47)Unknown0xA3CFE345
78Recruit anyone (rockets)4 4 4 X 2 1 4 1 D X0x31830183
79Lock respect at max1 3 T D 4 X 1 U 2 2 1 10xF35B86E2
80Lock sex appeal at maxC T T U C 3 2 U T 1 1 10x532EC19E
81Max staminaU X T X T X S 4 R0x77C91C9B
82Hitman level for all weaponsD S X L 3 4 L D D 1 1 10xE2512B4E
83Max driving skillsS 2 X 3 2 2 L 3 R 1 1 10x7ABC4E2D
84Spawn HunterC X 1 C C 1 C 3 4 2 1 10x62F26615
85Spawn QuadL L D D U U S C T 3 40xF96D57D3
86Spawn Tanker Truck3 U L R 4 U R S R 2 1 10xD5791CE1
87Spawn Dozer4 1 1 R R U U X 1 L0xEB433433
88Spawn Stunt PlaneC U 1 2 3 D 1 1 L L X T0x86FA7603
89Spawn MonsterR U 3 3 3 D T T X C 1 10xACE1A711
90Prostitutes pay youUnknown0x0
91All taxis have nitrousUnknown0x0