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Explosions are created by calling the function 0x736A50. This function is automatically called by using opcodes 020C, 0565 and 0948. These ID's can also be used in opcode 0356, which checks if the explosion type exists in the specified area.

0explosion_smallCreates a grenade explosion
1explosion_molotovCreates a molotov cocktail explosion
2explosion_smallCreates a rocket explosion
3explosion_smallCreates a weak rocket explosion
4explosion_mediumCreates a car/bike explosion
5explosion_mediumCreates a quick car explosion
6explosion_largeCreates a boat explosion
7explosion_largeCreates an aircraft explosion
8n/aCreates a mine explosion (model 2918 / KMB_MINE). Also used for some pickups?
9n/aCreates an object explosion (invisible, but makes a sound - creates fires near the ground)
10explosion_largeCreates a tank fire explosion
11explosion_smallCreates a small explosion
12explosion_tinyCreates a tiny explosion, used for RC Vehicles
OthernoneCreates an invisible, damageless explosion

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