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The particles documented below are all the particles found in the effects.fxp file. Screenshots were taken in game and tested using the same method each time, so it may be possible for effects to differ slightly when using different parameters to create the particle.

There are 82 particles displayed below. You can order them by name or number by clicking the table headers.

IDParticle NameDescriptionScreenshot
0prt_bloodspark? maybe meant to be a mini red blood splash.
1prt_boatsplashfrom a boat splashing in the water. looks like the soap in the car wash.
3prt_cardebriscar debris. like when you crash a car.
4prt_collisionsmokethick white smoke.
5prt_glasslarge shard of glass?!
6prt_gunshella gun shell.
8prt_sand2more sand.
9prt_smokeII_3_expandweak smoke.
10prt_smoke_hugelot's of expanding smoke.
11prt_sparksparks fly up and then fall down.
12prt_spark_2powerful sparks flying upwards.
13prt_splashwater splash.
14prt_wakemovement in the water.
15prt_watersplashsplash of water. like when a car lands in deep water.
16prt_wheeldirtpuff of dust.
17boat_proptiny water splash?
18camflashflash of a camera... cheese!
19exhaleexhaled smoke.
20explosion_fuel_cara seemingly randomized small explosion.
21explosion_largehuge explosion with debris.
22explosion_mediumbig explosion with debris.
23explosion_molotovmolotov cocktail explosion.
25explosion_tinysmall explosion.
26extinguisherfire extinguisher foam.
28fire_bikea bike.
29fire_carfire from the engine of a car.
30fire_largea large fire.
31fire_meda medium sized fire.
32flamethrowerflame being thrown...
33gunflashflash at the end of a gun being fired.
34gunsmokesmall smoke from a gun.
35heli_dustdust particles being blown around by a helicopters propellers.
36jetpackflame from a jetpack. colour changes between yellow and blue.
37jetthrustweak blue flame from muffler of car during the use of nitro.
38molotov_flamethe fire from the rag of a molotov cocktail.
39nitronitro. varying colour/size etc.
40overheat_carsmoke from the hood of a damaged car. varying grey colour.
41overheat_car_electricsimilar to the damaged car smoke. has yellow electric sparks.
42riot_smokehuge smoke that appears above buildings during the LS Riots.
43spraycangreen spray paint from the spray can.
44tank_firelarge blast followed by smoke. like at the end of a tanks turret during fire.
45teargassmall gas explosion from a gas grenade.
46teargasADlarge spreading gas from a gas grenade.
47water_hydrantjet of water as from a fire hydrant. audio included.
48water_ripplescircular ripples in the water.
49water_speedbig splash in water.
50water_splashsmall splash in water.
51water_splash_biglarge splash in water.
52water_splsh_smltiny splash in water.
53water_swimswim splash in water.
54cigarette_smokesmoke from the end of a cigarette.
55Flamesmall fire with crackling sfx.
56insectstiny flies flying around.
58smoke30mdark smoke.
59smoke50litlarge smoke.
60ventthin smoke.
61vent2thin smoke.
62waterfall_endmist from the bottom of a waterfall.
63water_fnt_tmeupward jet of water from a fountain with sfx.
64water_fountainupward jet of water from a fountain with sfx.
65tree_hit_firsmall green leaves falling.
66tree_hit_palmlarge green leaves falling.
67blood_heliexplosion of blood.
68carwashsprayspray of soap/steam from a car wash.
69cementcement pouring.
70cloudfast2 fast forward travelling clouds.
71coke_puffa puff of cocaina.
72coke_traila pouring trail of coke.
73explosion_barrela wooden explosion.
74explosion_cratea wooden explosion.
75explosion_doorsmoke and sparks.
76petrolcanshooting/trickling water/fuel. used as a peeing effect.
77pukeyesterdays dinner.
78shootlighta light being shot out (used for searchlights). sparks and glass.
79smoke_flarea light being shot out. sparks and glass. yes, it makes a good firework effect.
80wallbustlots of smoke/dust from a wall collapsing.
81WS_factorysmokeyellow/greenish smoke.