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Ped models can be used to create actors via opcodes 009A, 0129, 01C8, 02F2, 0503 and 0621. Additionally, opcodes 0376 and 0560 can create a random actor, whose model and pedtype is chosen in accordance to the currently loaded models, the current weather and in certain cases, the active external script.

Ped types are used in creation of the actors and define actor behaviours, however in certain cases they have a heavy effect over the actor model. For example, when creating an actor with the pedtype 'COP', the model specified will be ignored and instead, a cop will be created automatically based on the current towns cop model.

Model IDModel NamePed TypeDescription
0NULLPLAYER1CJ's Current Model.
9BFORICIVFEMALEBlack, Female, Old, Rich.
10BFOSTCIVFEMALEBlack, Female, Old, Street
11VBFYCRPCIVFEMALE(Las Vegas) Black, Female, Young, Croupier
12BFYRICIVFEMALEBlack, Female, Young, Rich
13BFYSTCIVFEMALEBlack, Female, Young, Street
14BMORICIVMALEBlack, Male, Old, Rich
15BMOSTCIVMALEBlack, Male, Old, Street
16BMYAPCIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Airport
17BMYBUCIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Business
18BMYBECIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Beach
19BMYDJCIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Disk Jockey
20BMYRICIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Rich
21BMYCRCRIMINALBlack, Male, Young, Criminal
22BMYSTCIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Street
23WMYBMXCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, BMX Rider
24WBDYG1CIVMALEMadd Doggs Bodyguard 1
25WBDYG1CIVMALEMadd Doggs Bodyguard 2
26WMYBPCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Backpacker
27WMYCONCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Construction Worker
28BMYDRUGCRIMINALBlack, Male, Young, Drug Dealer
29WMYDRUGCRIMINALWhite, Male, Young, Drug Dealer
30HMYDRUGCRIMINALHispanic, Male, Young, Drug Dealer
31DWFOLCCIVFEMALEDesert, White, Female, Old, Low Class?
32DWMOLC1CIVMALEDesert, Male, Female, Old, Low Class 1?
33DWMOLC2CIVMALEDesert, Male, Female, Old, Low Class 2?
34DWMYLC1CIVMALEDesert, Male, Female, Young, Low Class 1?
35HMOGARCIVMALEHispanic, Male, Old, Gardener
36WMYGOL1CIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Golfer 1
37WMYGOL2CIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Golfer 2
38HFORICIVFEMALEHispanic, Female, Old, Rich
39HFOSTCIVFEMALEHispanic, Female, Old, Street
40HFYRICIVFEMALEHispanic, Female, Young, Rich
41HFYSTCIVFEMALEHispanic, Female, Young, Street
43HMORICIVMALEHispanic, Male, Old, Rich
44HMOSTCIVMALEHispanic, Male, Old, Street
45HMYBECIVMALEHispanic, Male, Young, Beach
46HMYRICIVMALEHispanic, Male, Young, Rich
47HMYCRCIVMALEHispanic, Male, Young, Criminal
48HMYSTCIVMALEHispanic, Male, Young, Street
49OMOKUNGCIVMALEOriental, Male, Old, Kung Fu
50WMYMECHCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Mechanic
51BMYMOUNCIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Mountain Biker
52WMYMOUNCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Mountain Biker
53OFORICIVFEMALEOriental, Female, Old, Rich
54OFOSTCIVFEMALEOriental, Female, Old, Street
55OFYRICIVFEMALEOriental, Female, Young, Rich
56OFYSTCIVFEMALEOriental, Female, Young, Street
57OMORICIVMALEOriental, Male, Old, Rich
58OMOSTCIVMALEOriental, Male, Old, Street
59OMYRICIVMALEOriental, Male, Young, Rich
60OMYSTCIVMALEOriental, Male, Young, Street
61WMYPLTCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Pilot
62WMOPJCIVMALEWhite, Male, Old, Pyjamas
63BFYPROPROSTITUTEBlack, Female, Young, Prostitute
64HFYPROPROSTITUTEHispanic, Female, Young, Prostitute
66BMYPOL1CIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Pool 1
67BMYPOL2CIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Pool 2
68WMOPREACIVMALEWhite, Male, Old, Preacher
69SBFYSTCIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) Black, Female, Young, Street
70WMOSCICIVMALEWhite, Male, Old, Scientist
71WMYSGRDCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Security Guard
72SWMYHP1CIVMALE(San Fransisco) White, Male, Young, Hippie 1
73SWMYHP2CIVMALE(San Fransisco) White, Male, Young, Hippie 2
75SWFOPROPROSTITUTE(San Fransisco) White, Female, Old, Prostitute
76WFYSTEWCIVFEMALEWhite, Female, Young, Stewardess
77SWMOTR1CIVMALE(San Fransisco) White, Male, Old, Tramp 1
78WMOTR1CIVMALEWhite, Male, Old, Tramp 1
79BMOTR1CIVMALEBlack, Male, Old, Tramp 1
80VBMYBOXCIVMALE(Las Vegas) Black, Male, Young, Boxer
81VWMYBOXCIVMALE(Las Vegas) White, Male, Young, Boxer
82VHMYELVCIVMALE(Las Vegas) Hispanic, Male, Young, Elvis
83VBMYELVCIVMALE(Las Vegas) Black, Male, Young, Elvis
84VIMYELVCIVMALE(Las Vegas) Indian, Male, Young, Elvis
85VWFYPROPROSTITUTE(Las Vegas) White, Female, Young, Prostitute
87VWFYST1CIVFEMALE(Las Vegas) White, Female, Young, Street 1
88WFORICIVFEMALEWhite, Female, Old, Rich
89WFOSTCIVFEMALEWhite, Female, Old, Street
90WFYJGCIVFEMALEWhite, Female, Young, Jogger
91WFYRICIVFEMALEWhite, Female, Young, Rich
92WFYROCIVFEMALEWhite, Female, Young, Rollerblader
93WFYSTCIVFEMALEWhite, Female, Young, Street
94WMORICIVMALEWhite, Male, Old, Rich
95WMOSTCIVMALEWhite, Male, Old, Street
96WMYJGCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Jogger
97WMYLGCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Lifeguard
98WMYRICIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Rich
99WMYROCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Rollerblader
100WMYCRCRIMINALWhite, Male, Young, Criminal
101WMYSTCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Street
102BALLAS1GANG1Ballas Gang Member 1
103BALLAS2GANG1Ballas Gang Member 2
104BALLAS3GANG1Ballas Gang Member 3
105FAM1GANG2Grove Street Famalies Gang Member 1
106FAM2GANG2Grove Street Famalies Gang Member 2
107FAM3GANG2Grove Street Famalies Gang Member 3
108LSV1GANG3Los Santos Vagos Gang Member 1
109LSV2GANG3Los Santos Vagos Gang Member 2
110LSV3GANG3Los Santos Vagos Gang Member 3
111MAFFACRIMINALMafia Gang Member A
112MAFFBCRIMINALMafia Gang Member B
114VLA1GANG8Vagos Los Aztecas Gang Member 1
115VLA2GANG8Vagos Los Aztecas Gang Member 2
116VLA3GANG8Vagos Los Aztecas Gang Member 3
117TRIADAGANG7Triad Gang Member A
118TRIADBGANG7Triad Gang Member B
121DNB1GANG5Da Nang Boys Gang Member 1
122DNB2GANG5Da Nang Boys Gang Member 2
123DNB3GANG5Da Nang Boys Gang Member 3
124VMAFF1GANG6(Las Vegas) Mafia Gang Member 1
125VMAFF2GANG6(Las Vegas) Mafia Gang Member 2
126VMAFF3GANG6(Las Vegas) Mafia Gang Member 3
127VMAFF4GANG6(Las Vegas) Mafia Gang Member 4
128DNMYLCCIVMALE(Desert) Native, Male, Young, Low Class?
129DNFOLC1CIVFEMALE(Desert) Native, Female, Old, Low Class 1?
130DNFOLC2CIVFEMALE(Desert) Native, Female, Old, Low Class 2?
131DNFYLCCIVFEMALE(Desert) Native, Female, Young, Low Class?
132DNMOLC1CIVMALE(Desert) Native, Male, Old, Low Class 1?
133DNMOLC2CIVMALE(Desert) Native, Male, Old, Low Class 2?
134SBMOTR2CIVMALE(San Fransisco) Black, Male, Old, Tramp 2
135SWMOTR2CIVMALE(San Fransisco) White, Male, Old, Tramp 2
136SBMYTR3CIVMALE(San Fransisco) White, Male, Young, Tramp 3
137SWMOTR3CIVMALE(San Fransisco) White, Male, Old, Tramp 3
138WFYBECIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) White, Female, Young, Beach
139BFYBECIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) Black, Female, Young, Beach
140HFYBECIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) Hispanic, Female, Young, Beach
141SOFYBUCIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) Oriental, Female, Young, Business
142SBMYSTCIVMALE(San Fransisco) Black, Male, Young, Street
143SBMYCRCRIMINAL(San Fransisco) Black, Male, Young, Criminal
144BMYCGCRIMINALBlack, Male, Young, Crack Guard?
145WFYCRKCIVFEMALEWhite, Female, Young, Crack
146HMYCMCIVMALEHispanic, Male, Young, Crack M?
147WMYBUCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Business
148BFYBUCIVFEMALEBlack, Female, Young, Business
150WFYBUCIVFEMALEWhite, Female, Young, Business
151DWFYLC1CIVFEMALE(Desert) White, Female, Young, Low Class 1?
152WFYPROPROSTITUTEWhite, Female, Young, Prostitute
153WMYCONBCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Construction Worker B
154WMYBECIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Beach
155WMYPIZZCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Pizza Stack Employee
156BMOBARCIVMALEBlack, Male, Old, Barber (Old Reece)
157CWFYHBCIVFEMALE(Country) White, Female, Young, Hillbilly
158CWMOFRCIVMALE(Country) White, Male, Old, FR?
159CWMOHB1CIVMALE(Country) White, Male, Old, Hilbilly 1
160CWMOHB2CIVMALE(Country) White, Male, Old, Hilbilly 2
161CWMYFRCIVMALE(Country) White, Male, Young, FR?
162CWMYHB1CIVMALE(Country) White, Male, Young, Hillbilly 1
163BMYBOUNCIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Bouncer
164WMYBOUNCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Bouncer
165WMOMIBCIVMALEWhite, Male, Old, Men In Black
166BMYMIBCIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Men In Black
167WMYBELLCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Clucking Bell Employee
168BMOCHILCIVMALEBlack, Male, Old, Chilli Stall Owner
169SOFYRICIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) Oriental, Female, Young, Rich
170SOMYSTCIVMALE(San Fransisco) Oriental, Male, Young, Street
171VWMYBJDCIVMALE(Las Vegas) White, Male, Young, Blackjack Dealer
172VWFYCRPCIVFEMALE(Las Vegas) White, Female, Young, Croupier
173SFR1GANG4San Fransisco Rifa Gang Member 1
174SFR2GANG4San Fransisco Rifa Gang Member 2
175SFR3GANG4San Fransisco Rifa Gang Member 3
176BMYBARCIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Barber
177WMYBARCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Barber
178WFYSEXCIVFEMALEWhite, Female, Young, Sex...
179WMYAMMOCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Ammunation Guy
180BMYTATTCIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Tattoo
181VWMYCRCRIMINAL(Vegas) White, Male, Young, Criminal
182VBMOCDCIVMALE(Vegas) Black, Male, Old, Cab Driver
183VBMYCRCRIMINAL(Vegas) Black, Male, Young, Criminal
184VHMYCRCRIMINAL(Vegas) Hispanic, Male, Young, Criminal
185SBMYRICIVMALE(San Fransisco) Black, Male, Young, Rich
186SOMYRICIVMALE(San Fransisco) Oriental, Male, Young, Rich
187SOMYBUCIVMALE(San Fransisco) Oriental, Male, Young, Business
188SWMYSTCIVMALE(San Fransisco) White, Male, Young, Street
189WMYVACIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Valet
190COPGRL3CIVFEMALEBarbara Schternvart
191GUNGRL3CIVFEMALEHelena Wankstein
192MECGRL3CIVFEMALEMichelle Cannes
195GANGRL3CIVFEMALEDenise Robinson
196CWFOFRCIVFEMALE(Country) White, Female, Old, FR?
197CWFOHBCIVFEMALE(Country) White, Female, Old, Hillbilly
198CWFYFR1CIVFEMALE(Country) White, Female, Young, FR1?
199CWFYFR2CIVFEMALE(Country) White, Female, Young, FR2?
200CWMYHB2CIVMALE(Country) White, Male, Young, Hillbilly 2
201DWFYLC2CIVFEMALE(Desert) White, Female, Young, LC2?
202DWMYLC2CIVMALE(Desert) White, Male, Young, LC2?
203OMYKARACIVMALEOriental, Male, Young, Karate Trainer
204WMYKARACIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Karate Trainer
205WFYBURGCIVFEMALEWhite, Female, Young, Burger Shot Employee
206VWMYCDCIVMALE(Las Vegas) White, Male, Young, Cab Driver
207VHFYPROPROSTITUTE(Las Vegas) Hispanic, Female, Young, Prostitute
209OMONOODCIVMALEOriental, Male, Old, Noodle Stall Owner
210OMOBOATCIVMALEOriental, Male, Old, Boat School Instructor
211WFYCLOTCIVFEMALEWhite, Female, Old, CLOT? (Bar Steward)
212VWMOTR1CIVMALE(Las Vegas) White, Male, Old, Tramp 1
213VWMOTR2CIVMALE(Las Vegas) White, Male, Old, Tramp 2
214VWFYWAICIVFEMALE(Las Vegas) White, Female, Young, Waiter (Maria)
215SBFORICIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) Black, Female, Old, Rich
216SWFYRICIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) White, Female, Young, Rich
217WMYCLOTCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, CLOT? (Bar Stuard)
218SBFOSTCIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) Black, Female, Old, Street
219SBFYRICIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) Black, Female, Young, Rich
220SBMOCDCIVMALE(San Fransisco) Black, Male, Old, Cab Driver
221SBMORICIVMALE(San Fransisco) Black, Male, Old, Rich
222SBMOSTCIVMALE(San Fransisco) Black, Male, Old, Street
223SHMYCRCRIMINAL(San Fransisco) Hispanic, Male, Young, Criminal
224SOFORICIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) Oriental, Female, Old, Rich
225SOFOSTCIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) Oriental, Female, Old, Street
226SOFYSTCIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) Oriental, Female, Young, Street
227SOMOBUCIVMALE(San Fransisco) Oriental, Male, Old, Business
228SOMORICIVMALE(San Fransisco) Oriental, Male, Old, Rich
229SOMOSTCIVMALE(San Fransisco) Oriental, Male, Old, Street
230SWMOTR5CIVMALE(San Fransisco) White, Male, Old, Tramp 5
231SWFORICIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) White, Female, Old, Rich
232SWFOSTCIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) White, Female, Old, Street
233SWFYSTCIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) White, Female, Young, Street
234SWMOCDCIVMALE(San Fransisco) White, Male, Old, Cab Driver
235SWMORICIVMALE(San Fransisco) White, Male, Old, Rich
236SWMOSTCIVMALE(San Fransisco) White, Male, Old, Street
237SHFYPROPROSTITUTE(San Fransisco) Hispanic, Female, Young, Prostitute
238SBFYPROPROSTITUTE(San Fransisco) Black, Female, Young, Prostitute
239SWMOTR4CIVMALE(San Fransisco) White, Male, Old, Tramp 4
240SWMYRICIVMALE(San Fransisco) White, Male, Young, Rich
241SMYSTCIVMALE(San Fransisco) Male, Young, Street
242SMYST2CIVMALE(San Fransisco) Male, Young, Street 2
243SFYPROPROSTITUTE(San Fransisco) Female, Young, Prostitute
244VBFYST2CIVFEMALE(Las Vegas) Black, Female, Young, Street 2
245VBFYPROPROSTITUTE(Las Vegas) Black, Female, Young, Prostitute
246VHFYST3CIVFEMALE(Las Vegas) Hispanic, Female, Young, Street 3
249BMYPIMPCIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Pimp
250SWMYCRCIVMALE(San Fransisco) White, Male, Young, Criminal
251WFYLGCIVFEMALEWhite, Female, Young, Lifeguard
252WMYVA2CIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Valet 2
253BMOSECCIVMALEBlack, Male, Old, Security Guard
254BIKDRUGCIVMALEBiker / Drug Dealer
255WMYCHCIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Chauffeur
256SBFYSTRCIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) Black, Female, Young, Stripper
257SWFYSTRCIVFEMALE(San Fransisco) White, Female, Young, Stripper
260BMYCONCIVMALEBlack, Male, Young, Construction Worker
261WMYCD1CIVMALEWhite, Male, Young, Cab Driver 1
262BMOCDCIVMALEBlack, Male, Old, Cab Driver
263VWFYWA2CIVFEMALE(Vegas) White, Female, Young, Waiter 2
264WMOICECIVMALEWhite, Male, Old, Ice Cream Man
274LAEMT1MEDICLos Angeles Emergency Medical Technician 1
275LVEMT1MEDICLas Vegas Emergency Medical Technician 1
276SFEMT1MEDICSan Fransisco Emergency Medical Technician 1
277LAFD1FIREMANLos Angeles Fire Department Firefighter 1
278LVFD1FIREMANLas Vegas Fire Department Firefighter 1
279SFFD1FIREMANSan Fransisco Fire Department Firefighter 1
280LAPD1COPLos Angeles Police Department Cop 1
281SFPD1COPSan Fransisco Police Department Cop 1
282LVPD1COPLas Vegas Police Department Cop 1
283CSHERCOPCountry Sheriff
284LAPDM1COPLos Angeles Police Department Motorbike Cop 1
285SWATCOPS.W.A.T Officer
287ARMYCOPArmy Officer
288DSHERCOPDesert Sheriff
290SPECIAL01CIVMALESpecial Actor 1
291SPECIAL02CIVMALESpecial Actor 2
292SPECIAL03CIVMALESpecial Actor 3
293SPECIAL04CIVMALESpecial Actor 4
294SPECIAL05CIVMALESpecial Actor 5
295SPECIAL06CIVMALESpecial Actor 6
296SPECIAL07CIVMALESpecial Actor 7
297SPECIAL08CIVMALESpecial Actor 8
298SPECIAL09CIVMALESpecial Actor 9
299SPECIAL10CIVMALESpecial Actor 10

Memory Structure

The memory structure of CPed is 0x7C4 bytes in size. There are a total of 140 ped objects allowed in the pool.