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Cheat Keyboard

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Cheat-Keyboard-0.1b10499643.69 KB28 Jul 2012
TitleCheat Keyboard
Games SA
SummaryEnter cheats and activate mods with your joypad!
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Submitted28 Jul 2012

About (some unrelated stuff)
Playing GTA with a keyboard is alright, but a hardcore gamer has already gone all-out to buy a joypad so they can relax and play while lying upside down on a sofa with a bag of cheetos... Something that's not as easy when you have to have both hands on the mouse and keyboard at all times.

One of the GTA's most infamous features is it's cheats. They're almost part of the entertainment, so it's pretty annoying when you find that you have to have a keyboard every time you want to enter a cheat code. And what about all these fancy new CLEO mods which are cheat-activated now? Is a keyboard really necessary?

Yes, but luckily, the Cheat Keyboard is here to save you the effort of finding your wireless keyboard, which may be at the bottom of the layer of clothes covering your bedroom floor. Or maybe the keyboard is right there but you just don't want to extend your arms... Anyway, that's beside the point. Basically, I made this mod for people who'd rather use they joypad exclusively.

How To Use
Just press the left and right shock buttons (look behind & crouch) together until the keyboard pops up, enter your cheat (or rude words, if you are really that easily entertained) by navigating using the DPAD and using CROSS (sprint) to enter a character, or CIRCLE (fire weapon) to delete a character and SQUARE (jump) to enter the cheat and of course, TRIANGLE (enter car) to exit at any time.

CLEO 4 (full install)

How To Install
Extract cheatkeyboard.cs and cheatkeyboard.ini to CLEO directory.

The following configuration settings exist in the INI configuration file and affect the way the Cheat Keyboard behaves:

freeze_controls - whether to freeze controls while the keyboard is active (in case you wanna still be able to walk around while entering cheats)

freeze_game - whether to freeze the game while the keyboard is active (useful if, for example, you need to enter the health cheat quickly before your health runs out)

clear_input_on_enter - whether the input should be cleared when the input is entered (might want to turn it off if you want to enter the money cheat again and again and again...)

exit_on_enter - whether the keyboard should close when the input is entered (goes good with the freeze_game cheat, for gamers who don't want to stop the action for too long)

The INI configuration file allows you to change the interface colours of the Cheat Keyboard. There are 4 presets that come with the Cheat Keyboard download as examples.