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SA-ZiT-1.022688.88 KB26 Aug 2012
Games SA
SummaryBecause we will spot the record for you.
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Submitted26 Aug 2012
Updated8 Sep 2012

ZiT in San Andreas 1.0

I shoulda release it here ages ago...

Isn't it annoying when you hear a great song on the radio in San Andreas but the idiot DJ doesn't tell you who it is. Find out the artist and the name of any song on the radio using ZiT.
ZiT - The remarkable new service. Call us and we'll tell you what you're listening to based on a complicated listening system that also helps the government spy on you. Just dial ZIT-555-0100 and follow the instructions from our needy, washed-up celebrity. So simple even a spotty teenager can do it.
ZiT. Because we'll spot the record for you.

This GTA IV commercial describes everything. ZiT, a music identification system hits San Andreas radios thanks to this mod!

This mod is compatible with the CLEO 3/4 Libraries found here:

Put audio and CLEO folders (with all their content) in your game directory.
If Lazlow's voice is annoying for you, you don't have to copy zit.mp3 file. It is optional, but recommended.


Press the User Track Skip button (F5 by default) whilst in car to make Carl call ZiT. The system doesn't work when used on User Track Player, WCTR or while commercials are being played.

Known bugs

As the mod modifies several hardcoded routines, it might crash on some EXE versions.
These EXE versions are tested and supported fully:
  • 1.0 US HOODLUM
  • 1.0 US compact
  • 1.0 EU no-CD