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HQ Weapon Icons (from SA Mobile)

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HQ_Weapon_Icons_-gray-_SA-Mobile5449810.51 KB7 Jan 2014
TitleHQ Weapon Icons (from SA Mobile)
Games SA
SummaryBug-free. Available in 128x and 256x
Rating4.5 (2 votes)
Submitted7 Jan 2014
Updated15 Sep 2014

High resulution weapon icons from GTA:SA Mobile.

They look the same as the default ones... except not crappy.

- Color removed (they were pink-ish!?)
- Bugs fixed on some icons (mostly barely visible, though really annoying bright parts which should be black)

High Quality: 128x128
Ultra Quality: 256x256

No idea on what resolution you guys play GTA, my monitors maximum is 1280x1024 where those 256x256 icons are pretty pixelated due to downscaling the textures. 128x128 icons look much better while still very clear.

Install 'manually'.
I recommend to extract weapon related .TXD files (ak47.txd etc.) from gta3.img using IMGTool (or similar), edit them with TXDWorkshop (or similar) and finally, add them back to the game via Modloader.

- SNIPERcrosshair (256x256)
- 'fist' icon for hud.txt

- "icon_frame" (which is around/behind each weapon icon so you can edit other icons to match the SA icon theme.)
- cameraCrosshair (512x512 ; created from scratch; not great but greater than default)