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Tactile Cheat Activation

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TactileCheatActivation 1.04406.05 KB19 Jan 2014
TitleTactile Cheat Activation
Games SA
SummaryEnter cheats with the joypad exactly like on consoles
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Submitted19 Jan 2014

Tactile Cheat Activation

Combined with GInput, this script allows you to enter all the original San Andreas cheats exactly like on console versions. There are over 200,000 combinations for the 92 cheats which exist. You can find these codes on hundreds of Grand Theft Auto websites around the web, such as:

For more technical information about the cheats, see:

Additionally, this mod restores the 'Cars drive on water' cheat which only couldn't be activated because there was a conflicting cheat which would be activated with the same codes. It also restores the 'Prostitutes pay you' and 'All taxis have nitrous' cheats, which were disabled as cheats for the PC version (as they are also unlock-able, causing potential conflicts).

This doesn't replace keyboard activated commands. The script is also 'self-compatible', meaning it could exist amongst other scripts like it but using different hashes to add more cheats.

Simply place the file 'TactileCheat.cs' to your CLEO script folder, with the latest version of CLEO and GInput installed.

You can find out more about GInput here:
You can download CLEO here:

The source file '' is included. The code is written in SCR for SCRambl.
Find out more about SCRambl here:

When you're a psychopathic gangster on a killing spree in the pleasantly warm (too damn hot if you ask me) state of San Andreas, it sure can be handy to have the ability to turn down the heat and summon a tank. It is almost essential to instantly heal yourself, get a vest of armour and $250,000 before you kill an old lady for the money in her purse. Anything could happen in this crazy town. Cars don't stick like glue you know, so what if you flip your low-rider and can't get it back up? The answer is obvious; use your god-like powers to make all cars go boom so you can laugh at others misfortunes before you say goodbye cruel world.

Started a gang war and forgot your weapons? Wow, you at least need a full clip and a rocket, man! All you have to do is make a gangster set of weapons materialize out of thin air before the Ballas come... Now, where's that keyboard? What? Professional killers dont use keyboards! Real loonies have the power to do a funny dance to get what they need. Oh, found it? Okay... Now, what's that code? Uhh... I think it began with a 'L'... X... J? I... dont know... oh dude, we're in a state of emergency, we need a way to speed it up!

Well, I hand'th unto thee, the power of the dance! Now, with well over 200,000 dance combinations at your disposal for a total of 92 actual spells, you can forget that keyboard completely. All you need to do is assert your self-control and do a spontaneous dance! No letters, just pure kinetic movement. You no longer have to think the command, you feel it!

Need to make it rain? Do a dance. Need to drive on water? Do a dance! Need to be more attractive to the opposite sex? Do a dance!!11`!2Dejirox!! Not only will you be a ladies man stalked by prostitutes, while somehow having instantly morphed into a gimp on the spot, but they'll pay you for their services. Hello ladies! No longer will you be at a disadvantage, or even an equal advantage to your enemies. Just let your natural talent show and earn celebrity status through the medium of dance. Jump jet like a kangaroo, sting like a bee, do the monster mash but just don't step on mi blue suede shoes! People call it cheating, but its all bull... life's a beach so have all the four wheel fun you can, you speed freak! You have the power of the dance... so bring it on, suckers!