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Call For Rickroll

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Call For RIckroll58.09 MB15 Nov 2014
TitleCall For Rickroll
AuthorMora Hannover
Games IV
SummaryWhy Not Call Rick Astley
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Submitted7 Nov 2014
Updated15 Nov 2014

the Script tottaly have no bugs
Just Call 555-2001 to call Rick Astley
Attention Windows Vista,7,8,8.1,10 users: You must download that [url]scripthook[/url] and replace it with the existent one otherwise the script won't work.
See this. There is important thing. If your game crashes then you don't have the correct version of the scripthook that is for your game patch or you missed Naudio
  • Ensure that you have scripthookdotnet,scripthook,asi loader installed in your gta iv
  • download Naudio from here and put Naudio.dll in your GTA IV root folder.
  • put RRoll.cs and Roll.wav in your Scripts folder
  • Press the Upper Arrow key and type 5552001 and then press Upper Arrow
    Hear the surprise