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Grove Gang Mods

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Version 1.03043.59 KB9 Nov 2014
TitleGrove Gang Mods
Games SA
SummaryPimp out your gang
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Submitted9 Nov 2014

Mods included in the zip
- Grove Invulnerable
- Grove Cars

Grove Invulnerable

This mod will set the grove gang members to infinite health (Excluding Head Shots). With this mod, your gang members cannot die unless they are shot in the head. They survive falls and explosions.

***Make a backup of the original PEDSTATS.DAT before replacing it with this one***

To install this mod, copy the file PEDSTATS.DAT in this archive, to the the one in the \data folder of your GTA San Andreas directory.

Grove Cars

This mod will set it to where grove gang members drive
- Bullet
- Club
- Cheetah
- Sultan

***Make a backup of the CARGRP.DAT file before replacing it with this one.***

Copy the CARGRP.DAT file in the archive to the \data folder in your GTA San Andreas Directory.


*This mod should not cause any complications with your gameplay. In the event it does, please message me right away and describe the issue.