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Sad Violin Death Music

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Sad Violin Death Music529.36 MB18 Nov 2014
TitleSad Violin Death Music
AuthorMora Hannover
Games IV
Summaryyou gotta luv it!
Rating0 (0 votes)
Submitted10 Nov 2014
Updated18 Nov 2014

it is a script which when you die the music sad violin will be triggered. this is just for fun. you can modify the music by renaming any wav file to 1(so it will be 1.wav) and then replace it with 1.wav

If the script don't work then try download Naudio.dll from here and past Naudio.dll in your GTA IV Folder.

Installation: Put Sad_Violin .net.dll and violin folder in your gta iv scripts folder.
Tested in patch but i am sure it would work in all patches and EFLC because it does not contain any native function that have been created after patch

Requirements:- Scripthookdotnet