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Stream Ini Extender - 0.7

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StreamIniExtender.zip149603.37 KB24 Nov 2010
TitleStream Ini Extender - 0.7
Games SA
SummaryAdds extra settings, bugfixes and tweaks to stream.ini
Rating4.42857142857 (7 votes)
Submitted24 Nov 2010
Updated29 Mar 2012

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This mod adds extra optional settings to the stream.ini file, which already contains several settings for GTASA.

There are currently 18 extra settings. I may add more in the future.


  • Frame Delay
  • Frame Limit
  • Max AI Peds
  • Max AI Vehicles
  • Black Roads Fix
  • License Plate Filtering
  • Stencil Shadow Opacity
  • Disable Interior Reflections (alt+tab bugfix)
  • Disable Motion Blur
  • Disable Sound
  • Disable Collision Particles
  • Disable Flashes
  • Disable Heat Haze
  • Disable Clouds
  • Disable Target Blip
  • Disable Specular Vehicle Lighting
  • Disable Vehicle Lighting
  • Disable Grass

This mod works with both CLEO 4 and CLEO 3.

Visit the CLEO Website for the latest version of CLEO.