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Violet Baudelaire for IV

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GTAIV_VioletPed.rar56899.49 KB2 Dec 2011
TitleViolet Baudelaire for IV
AuthorHuckleberry Pie
Games IV
Rating3 (2 votes)
Submitted2 Dec 2011
Updated22 Dec 2011

If you are interested in modifications involving gangsters and hoodlums, you would be better off downloading a 50 Cent mod. Oh, well, at least this is a little different from most of them ped mods out there.

This one's a port of my Violet Baudelaire mod to IV; I always wanted to do this before, but now that 3Doomer and Good-NTS has made some epic improvements in their toolchain, I am very glad to inform you that your friendly neighbourhood inventor chick's now kicking ass in Liberty City.

Simply replace the ig_katemc.wtd and ig_katemc.wdd files in the componentpeds.img using OpenIV, and then try spawning Kate in IV with Simple Native Trainer.

Special thanks to Good-NTS, 3Doomer, Rachel, Cryssi and to all my buds out there... happy.gif