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The Black Market Mod

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BlackMarket 1.0.1b213878124.61 KB3 Mar 2013
BlackMarket 1.0.11099115.51 KB2 Mar 2013
TitleThe Black Market Mod
Games SA
SummaryBuy, Deal, Distribute
Rating5 (6 votes)
Submitted27 Jul 2012
Updated2 Mar 2013

"It's the 90's the drug scene is more profitable than ever. The business
in the black market is booming, with everyone from gangsters and drug
fiends to celebrities willing to pay big for a hit. The top kingpins and
crime bosses are in full control of the drug market, making millions.

You are not a kingpin. You are just a low time pusher selling drugs to
the fiends in a hope to earn an extra buck...

[To be continued...]"


The Black Market Mod is an episodic addition to GTA San Andreas where you aim to build up your own empire in black market trade. Your activities are illegal and not only do you have to watch out for cops, you are in direct competition with many of the criminals running the streets. You will start out small-time, barely noticed by anyone apart from the fiends looking for a quick hit for their veins. As your influence in the market grows, your troubles get bigger. Only the toughest can survive and earn the reputation to become successful.

See the ReadMe.txt for the full information