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DescriptionCalls the procedure for the class. Each class has a set of procedures called methods to operate with the class data.

In the example, the 'Fix' method of the CAutomobile class (car vehicle struct) is called. So it can be said that the example would be the same as a CAutomobile->Fix() call.

1 = address of called proc. It may be the address inside the gta_sa.exe or inside a loaded dll.
2 = pointer to the class structure (can be obtained by the opcodes 0A96 - 0A98).
3 = number of parameters to pass
4 = number of parameters to be removed from the stack after the method execution. Commonly, the methods clean the stack themselves, so the pop parameter must equal to 0.
Parameters (v2)1) Memory address (Integer) (INT)
2) Memory address (Integer) (INT)
3) Integer (INT)
4) Integer (INT)
5) Call arguments (...)
CategoryCLEO 3
San Andreas
sascm.ini0AA6=-1,call_method %1d% struct %2d% num_params %3h% pop %4h%
Example0AA6: call_method 0x6A3440 struct 0@ num_params 0 pop 0

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